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Strategic Facilitation

Strategy can be at several levels – a whole business, a department or division, a function – even an individual. Using the ‘map analogy’ it is about making a realistic assessment of our present position, stating our intended destination and establishing the routes and options to get there.

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There are two types of business in this world – those who have their strategy right and those who are going out of business – Neos strategic facilitation helps you ensure your business is in the former category!

Neos have helped Main Boards, Departments, Brands and various organisational subsets to plot their route forward. Using a range of facilitative techniques combined with the strategic expertise from both high level business experience plus MBA teaching, our expert facilitators guide teams through the process of determining their own future.

We don’t merely record your thoughts; using our skills and experience of so many industries we challenge your thinking too!

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“A great opportunity to take a step back and to reconsider our strategy – and very enjoyable”

Senior Manager, Charitable Foundation, Ireland

“I was amazed at how much we achieved in one day. It was stretching, challenging and it would have probably taken us a few weeks sitting around a Board room table to get the same level of result that we achieved in one day.”

Main UK Board Director, UK subsidiary of an Australian Construction company


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