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Speaking at Conferences

The Neos team have addressed business conferences from Antwerp to Zurich, Austria to Zambia, Liverpool to Los Angeles, Cape Town to Colombo. A Neos speaker can engage, educate and enthuse your audience at almost any business conference.

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Speaking at Conferences

Subjects can  include:

Strategies of the Serengeti

Based on the book of the same name, Neos’s Stephen Berry gives insights into learning business strategies from some of the world’s experts – the elephant, giraffe, cheetah, crocodile and others.


Power Influencing

Using an understanding of human behaviour to communicate with people on THEIR terms and in their behavioural ‘language’ rather than as we would choose. Essential for all those who need to persuade or sell (ideas or products) to others.


Walking up the down escalator

Stand still and the metal giant drags you backwards! Business life is the same. This speech shows how to build in the habits and structures to push ever forward and conquer the climb – and not get dragged backwards into business oblivion.


Developing High Performing Teams

Why do some teams outperform others? What are the ingredients for team success? Full of practical examples and ideas, this speech looks at the factors required for high performance and shows how to build them into teams.


The changing role of finance

For conferences of finance professionals – this speech looks at how the role has changed over the past few years and much more is now expected of a finance function. How can the finance function add greater value? What should it be doing and where should it focus?  (we have spoken at conferences for accountants in ACCA, AICPA, CIMA, CipFA, ICAE&E, World Bank)

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“Engaging, provocative, but most of all accessible and memorable”

Area co-ordinator, Chartered Institute of Personnnel & Development, UK

“Provided a new and interesting perspective for CFOs attending our annual Conference in New Orleans.  The audience was fascinated. The interactive presentation created many lasting memories for audience members. Everyone found value and humor in his presentation.”

Programme Manager, AICPA, USA


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