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Leadership Development

Given the increasing pace of change within organisations, the need for effective leadership is an absolute necessity. The key element of developing such leadership though is practical ideas not theoretical knowledge.

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Leadership DevelopmentThe leadership development process used at Neos Learning is based on very simple principles: we identify and use the tools, techniques and awareness that effective leaders need to survive and thrive in the modern organisation. We draw on theory where needed but the majority of our focus is on the  practical aspects of functioning leadership. What do effective leaders do to generate results?

Our leadership programmes are tailored to the needs of each individual organisation and are aligned to its strategic intent; but they always have the challenge of ‘what do the leaders need to do at a practical level?’ as the basis of the design. We draw on our close relationships with various business schools in the UK as well as our practical experience of working with some of the biggest organisations in the world to make sure our progammes address this challenge and remain current, dynamic and valid.

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“The skills that I have learned on this programme will help me, not just in the short term with my immediate team, but for the rest of my career. I cannot recommend it highly enough”

Senior Manager, Motor Industry, UK

“The multi-cultural approach used and simple but effective tools provided make this a valuable experience. I can now translate my ideas into action by using the learning obtained during this programme”

Senior Manager, FMCG, Russia


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