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Internal Branding

As brands become more influential and compelling to our customers, so does that the need to have an organisation that aligns to the principles represented by it. However, this alignment is not a simple process. How do you do it effectively?

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Historically, the concept of brands and branding has been the preserve of the marketing professionals. But, in the modern organisation, every employee represents the brand and so should be totally aligned with what it stands for and how it operates. This concept of Internal Branding is a vital component of the modern organisation and one that be amazingly powerful if implemented correctly. But it is not a simple challenge and is one that many organisations fail on.

Using Doctorate level research, combined with practical experience, Neos have developed a 6-stage strategy for implementing such brand alignment within both organisations and teams. This has been used by some of the leading organisations within Europe to generate fantastic success.

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“I had three challenges to achieve: create a vision for my team, align my people to it and create a strategy to employ it. Neos assisted me with all three. Brilliant!”

Senior Manager, FMCG, Switzerland

“Neos helped integrate our existing company into the new parent company by designing and rolling out an amazingly powerful workshop. This made the pursuit of our strategic targets so much simpler”

Senior Manager, Technology, France


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